The first test flight of the TS-8 Bies aircraft by Ing. pilot Andrzej Abłamowicz

Andrzej Abłamowicz was called the Polish pilot “number one” on account of his experience acquired over 14 000 flights made between 1950 -1984 and performance of the first test flights aircraft such as the TS-8 Bies and TS-11 Iskra. He was the living history of Polish aviation after World War II. The memories of this extraordinary character, so entwined in the history of Polish aviation, were written by Tadeusz Kurcyk. (more…)

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Experimental helicopter BŻ-1 SP-GIL

The first Polish helicopter: the BZ-1 SP-GIL was developed in the Technical Institute of Aviation in the 1950s. The history of trial and error and experience gained during the flight tests paved the way for other machines of this type.


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